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10 Easy New Year’s Resolutions That Don’t Include Working Out.

Here’s a list of obtainable New Year’s resolutions that don’t include fitness.

1. Drink better beer.

I tried this one year and succeeded until midsummer when I went back to my usual bud light or coors light.

2. Join a wine of the month club.

Do this and every month when you drink it you can think, wow I’m doing really good at sticking to my resolution this year. Life is good. These wine glass sharpies are pretty cool.

3. Cut down on drinking

No one likes a quitter.

4. Watch more movies.

Stop watching PBS Kids and Disney channel. Treat yourself to movies you actually want to see.

5. Watch a series

There are so many new shows I need to catch up on. A great resolution would be to finish one series per month.  Good thing we have a Fire Stick .

6. Read a book

Key word “a” meaning one single book. I feel so accomplished every time I read a book, which is rare these days. So yep, the goal is one book. Or if you’re a little more advanced than me, read more.

7. Start a journal

Key word start. Check out my post GIfts for adults, There’s a bunch of cool journal options there.

8. Try a new food or restaurant.

Try doing this once a month.

9. Get a new hobby.

I might try the Cricut Machine. Maybe not.

10. Join a club or group.

Different from a hobby because clubs and groups generally involve people.

See! That’s it, super easy resolutions you can do!! I know you can handle the wine one.

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