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2 tips to manage your summer snack budget 

All the kids are home and all they seem to do is eat.  I wonder how they survived the school year, eating only a shitty packed lunch at 11 am and no snack all day.   Someone is asking me for a snack at any given moment throughout the day.  Not only for them but for all the neighborhood kids too.

I need to put an end to this fast.  Although, I don’t have a summer routine; I will be the enforcer of a snack routine.

Number 1 tip to manage a summer snack budget

Have a Snack schedule. 

2 snacks a day and that’s it.  Everyone will eat the same snack at the same time.  Like it or leave it.  I will save so much money doing that.  Right now, she wants this, she wants that.  She realizes she likes the other persons better.  I feel bad and let her have that too.  Next thing you know a whole box of granola bars, 2 packs of strawberries and a bag of chips are gone.

Number 2 rule to my summer snack budget

Stop feeding their friends.

 I know, I sound like a bitch and I hate to be that mean parent but guess what, go home and eat.  Although, I’m glad you’re here playing, most likely I didn’t invite you so it’s not my responsibility to feed you.  Hell no, you are not getting an ice cream bar.  Do you know how much those cost? Plus, there’s not enough to feed my whole family in a standard size box.  The most I give neighborhood friends from now on is a freeze pop and water.  I mean, if it’s a scheduled “playdate” or I know the kids and parents and my kids go over there regularly, that’s different.  I’m talking neighborhood kids who pop in and out all day everyday. (If you know me and think this about your kid, it’s probably not)

Seriously, think of how much money you would save if you stuck to that plan.

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