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3 reasons September birthdays are the worst

September is probably the worst month to have a birthday, besides December.  The baby is a September baby.  She was supposed to be October but decided to make an early appearance.  Out of all my kids’ birthdays, I hate the September one the most for these reasons:

You miss the school cut off.

As much as I love my kids, I’m trying to get on with my life and this September birthday is really not letting me.  One more year at home with mom when everyone else is off at school. If you’re working, September birthdays mean one more year of paying for full-time day care.  School cut offs are strict now.  No more testing little Johnny smarty pants who missed the cutoff by 2 weeks. See you in kindergarten when you’re 6 and everyone else is 5.

A lady told me the other day that her daughter’s birthday was Sept 21.  She tried to erase the 2 off of the birth certificate so that she could get her into kindergarten.  It didn’t work. But it got me thinking about doing the same thing.

September birthday parties

If you are school age and have a September birthday, chances are you just started school and don’t have set friends yet. You’ll end up having to invite everyone in the class (because you have to anyway, because a millennial’s kid’s feelings cannot be hurt) When the parent gets the invitation, they will say “Who’s is this kid, I’ve never heard of her?” and every student in the class will say “I have no clue because school just started and I don’t know anyone in my class yet.” So, basically what I’m saying is school age kids with September birthdays have no real friends yet.  Hopefully they have cousins to invite.

Always the oldest in the group

Which means, first to get drivers license.  Which means, your friends (because you have real friends now) will always be asking you for a ride. Which will be cool at first but become annoying fast because you will be spending more money on gas and your risk goes up for getting a ticket and eventually you’ll feel like your friends are using you.

You will also be the first to turn 21. Which will be awesome at first until you realize you will always have to buy alcohol for your underage friends.  Which is actually illegal.  Which puts you, the September baby at risk again.

Ok last one:

People will think your birthday is in Fall/Autumn when really most September birthdays are in summer.

 People will be tired of summer and pool parties by then and insist you spend your September birthday in a hoodie, drinking a pumpkin spice latte. How Basic can you get.

I know, a lot of you have September birthdays and guess what- All of these can be seen as reasons why September is best month to have a birthday too!

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