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things you hear when you have 4 kids

I take my kids out in public everyday.  People seem shocked by this.  They call me brave.

What am I suppose to do with 4 kids?  Sit in the house and listen to them whine and never give them any life experiences.

When you have a lot of kids, people will look or stare or smile or smirk at you and they will feel a need to comment.  If I sound annoyed by this, I’m actually not.  All of the people I encounter are nice and mean well.  In fact, a lot are elderly and give me a look like they know how I feel and they wish they were back in my shoes because their kids are all grown and they are lonely and old.  Yes, I got all that from one look.

These are the number one things people say to moms with 4 or more kids:

Wow, you really got your hands full.

 Yes, I sure do. I should probably just get this shirt.

Are they all yours?

Thanks, I’m really flattered you think I’m way too young and hot to have all these kids. Ha.

Enjoy them now. Mine are all grown now. 

Or something along the lines of telling me about their life history and their kids and grand kids and these are the best times.

You are so blessed.

Thank you kind stranger, I needed that reminder as all my kids are bouncing off the walls and running in every direction.  I really am blessed.

The additional things moms of girls hear:

Thing you hear when you’re a girl mom



If you’re lucky enough to have all girls, you will get even more comments.  Thankfully, I’m an approachable person who enjoys small talk.

Are they all girls? 

I’m not sure which one you thought was a boy.

Are you trying for a boy?


Wow,  look at the eyes on her. Do they all have blue eyes? 

Looks at each one individually, looks at me, confirming I have blue eyes too. OK, this might not apply to all girl moms but we hear it everyday. Actually, one has 2 different colored eyes.

I feel bad for your husband.

I usually respond with; WHY?  Seriously though, shouldn’t they feel sorry for me.  I’m the one that’s always with  them.  Plus, when they get to the  (oh so dreaded) teenage years, I’m pretty sure everyone usually hates their mom more than their dad.

Wait until the teenage years.

Really? I haven’t heard that one yet, can you please explain?

I hope you have a lot of bathrooms.

We currently have 3 bathrooms in case you were wondering and yes they still all have to go whenever I’m in there.  Can I just pee alone for once.

The last three are my least favorites for obvious reasons.

Don’t forget to stock up this if you have  girls

Another good one we hear regularly is they look like they could be little models. They are.  Click here to get your own kids started in modeling.

I’m sure there’s a ton more but these are the usual.  I love the women that tell me they were a part of four sisters growing up or the very happy grandpa that tells me he had four daughters.

Sometimes conversations with these strangers reassure me that it’s going to be okay, even though I have no clue what I’m doing.

The truth is, I had no clue since day one with all 4.  But you can read read what it’s like to have 4 kids here.

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