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4 reasons your child does not need a birthday party

As an adult, have you ever asked your mom, “What was my 4th birthday party like?” I haven’t.  I’ve seen pictures of a few of my parties but never inquired any further.  Trust me, your mom was not having fabulous, themed birthday parties for you and you don’t need to have them for your children either. I used to be the queen of the theme and as much as I love a good ‘unicorn and rainbow’ party, it’s completely unnecessary.  I’m starting to think big birthday parties are completely unnecessary too. This is coming from someone who used to celebrate her birthday for a whole month.

Here are a few reasons that you don’t need to have fabulous birthday parties:

It’s expensive.

The food, the beer, the decorations, the invites… It all adds up.  We all know that but yet we insist on shelling out hundreds of dollars on a birthday party that no one will remember. Maybe put a few hundred in your child’s account instead.


If you have anxiety, throwing a party for 75 guests is overwhelming.  We down sized to our core 30 but even that causes anxiety. Guess what does not trigger anxiety, not having a birthday party.

They don’t need gifts.

Ok, fine, kids love opening gifts but do they really need any of what they are receiving and do they appreciate it? No they don’t.  Children’s gifts are awful if you’re trying to minimalize. You can read how I failed at minimalism here.

They’re not going to remember.

Think about your childhood birthday parties. Which ones did you remember? My memory is shot. I really don’t remember  any of my birthday parties and chances are your kids won’t either.  They can look at a picture and think they remember it but really they don’t.  Brianne can look at this and while she looks adorable and fancy, she did not have a party. She’s lucky I found this cute outfit at a secondhand store or she might not have even gotten this picture. do kids need birthday parties

I’m sure I can think of other reasons not to have a party but I already sound like the most miserable person on Earth so I’ll leave it at that.

As for now this is what we do for birthdays:

 Always have Birthday donuts.

Invite the core 20 over for pizza and cake the night of their birthday (even if it’s on a Monday)  but only give them a one day notice; that way they feel no pressure to come and I don’t either. So far this has worked. Honestly, adding cake, balloons, streamers and my mom to a house of 6 people is a party in itself.

Maybe one day I’ll be back to super themed Pinterest styled birthdays but as for now, I’d rather spend my money and time else where. Sorry kids!!

Here’s a few cute outfits just in case you want to take a cute picture.

2 thoughts on “4 reasons your child does not need a birthday party”

  1. If this isn’t the truth, I don’t know what is. You’re totally right…no one will remember it! I honestly don’t know why I do it to myself. I try to downsize every year and it always gets out of control. Our enormous families don’t help.

    1. I know!! It’s so hard to draw the line on who not to invite. If you invite one cousin you have to invite them all!!

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