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4th of July skittles experiment 

Red white and blue skittles We thought we’d try the America mix skittles experiment since the rainbow skittles experiment is so pretty. This is perfect for a quick 4th of July project that anyone can do.  You can buy a giant pack of these skittles on amazon here.

You only need 3 things for this

  1. Plate
  2. Skittles
  3. Warm water

This one was done by my 3 year old. We were working on patterns so she put 3 red, 3 white and 3 blue in a circle all around the plate.


Once this is done add the warm water to the center until it touches the skittles.  The dye from the skittles will start to spread within a few seconds.  This is when I realized 3 white ones in a row wasn’t going to work because there was no color.  So I removed some or moved them.


It was cool to watch it spread.  It was the easiest project we’ve ever done.  We also stirred it up at the end to watch it turn into a purple. Don’t worry, we didn’t let them go to waste. You can still eat wet skittles and they taste great!


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