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Annoying things only moms of girls know.

There’s more to being a girl mom than cute clothes and eventually periods and the awful teenage years. Here’s a few annoying things only moms of girls know about.

First we will focus on:


(But really you can skip to the last one because it’s my favorite)

problems when you have a lot of hair

Your kids will always need their hair done and their pony tail fixed. So will their dolls.

I honestly cannot tell you how many times I do my kid’s hair. It’s more than once a day x 4 kids. It’s mainly annoying because they ask me while I’m in the middle of making dinner or doing something else other than doing hair.

You can never find a hair brush or a pony tail holder.

With 5 females in the house, you’d think we’d have brushes and hair ties everywhere. Nope. They are never to be found. I finger brush my kids’ hair more than I use a brush. As for the hair ties, where the heck do they all go? Seriously.

You have to clean the hair out of your brushes when you do find them.

Yay! You found the brush but it’s disgusting and looks like a small animal is living there. Pulling hair out of a brush grosses me out. So does lice. You can read about the benefits of getting lice here.

You have to clean the hair out of the vacuum.

This is one I never realized until lately but damn is it annoying. So much freaking hair in my vacuum.  I have to use scissors to cut it out of the roller more often than I should. It’s more than enough to make wig.

You have to clean the hair out of the drain.

Which goes along with teaching your daughter to stick the hair on the shower wall then nicely place it in the garbage or your drains will clog.  This talk about hair is getting to be too much!

problems moms of girls have

You learn how to get nail polish off of all surfaces.

Nail polish on carpets, on counters, on walls, on tables. You name it, we’ve gotten nail polish on it at some point. I’m actually not sure how to get it out of carpet and neither was the lady who tried to sell me a Kirby vacuum

You learn that glitter is your worst enemy.

Just like hair, glitter is everywhere. In my drains, in the vacuum, in my husband’s beard. Please do not throw glitter in today’s face. Don’t make it sparkle.

You will eventually think your husband is cheating on you

Because you will find random ladies size clothing in your laundry but it turns out it’s just your daughter’s friend’s who happens to wear a ladies size 6. Mystery solved. True story.

Again, I’m sure there’s more but I don’t want to sound too miserable like I did in my birthday party post.  At the rate I’m going, I should change this site to miserable mom life. I truly love my kids and all their hair and sparkle.

10 thoughts on “Annoying things only moms of girls know.”

    1. It was so hilarious!! He’s like I have no clue, they have to be yours. P.S. Are you sick of hearing “i feel bad your husband” yet?!! We get that comment everywhere we go.

  1. LOL @ You learn that glitter is your worst enemy. I really did like glitter as a child. And then I had a child, and now I see any projects with glitter and I’m like quick, throw it out!

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