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Easiest way to become a morning mom

Moms are overworked, overtired and over stressed.  Most moms do not get time to themselves.  Ever.  They pee with a small child crying on them.  Then minutes later they snap at the small child because they are fed up and need a break.  This is a problem.  This was me.  I was miserable by 9:00 a.m. because I didn’t do the one simple tip for making you a better mom.


  1. Wake up before everyone.

Yes, that’s it.  If you can wake up before everyone else in your house, you will have better mindset for the whole day (or at least until lunchtime.)  I know you are probably tired and want sleep a half hour longer.  You’ve probably been up all night struggling to get your kids to sleep in their own beds and stop waking you up at night. Don’t do it. Don’t sleep in.  Don’t let the demon child be the one to wake you.  Wake up first.  

 If you’re really ambitious, you can get a quick workout in.

When I say quick, I mean quick.  I do 10 minutes on the treadmill  or a quick yoga flow.  I know it’s not much but trust me, it helps.  Then I put my music on,  make my coffee, check my emails and social media, and shower if I can.  Sometimes the social media sucks me in and the demon child wakes me up before I get a chance to shower.  Guess what, that’s OK!!  I am already in a good mood from my half hour of much-needed alone time.

I won’t be yelling at my child because I am already awake and full of energy and good vibes.  Not only that, but my children won’t be sadly competing with my phone for my attention because I already looked at everything I needed to on it.  My focus can be primarily on them instead of constantly distracted.  

The problem when you don’t wake up before your kids, is that you are not happy because you are not focused.

You are checking your phone. You are wondering when you will get a chance to shower and get ready.  You are annoyed you didn’t workout again for the 345th day in row.  You’re mad because your kids are demanding all this shit for breakfast when you haven’t even had your coffee yet.  Don’t let the mornings defeat you.


Do yourself and your family a favor: WAKE UP BEFORE YOUR KIDS!!


4 thoughts on “Easiest way to become a morning mom”

  1. This is definitely something that I am working harder on doing on a consistent basis. It really is helpful if you can get a little bit of planning time before everyone else is up and moving around in the morning!

  2. I’m still working on this one! I know I would get more done and be happier but I struggle with willpower!! But I’m working on it, and your post gives me hope(: Maybe I can be a morning mom too!!

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