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Benefits of getting lice

You’ve searched high and low and used every product under the sun to get rid of head lice.  Lord knows I did.   I know, I can’t believe I’m publicly admitting we had lice over here.  Lice is something no one wants to talk about or admit they’ve had but it’s way more common than people think. Maybe if we informed each other instead of being embarrassed about it, it would prevent spreading so much.  I have no idea when and where my kids picked it up from.  Could’ve been anywhere.  Could’ve been from you for all I know!  Planes, hotels, selfies with friends, sports, activities, sleepovers and now back to school.

My anxiety was in high gear over this lice outbreak.   I was addicted to “nit picking.” I wondered if the end of lice was ever going to be near, with 4 girls, 2 with immense amounts of hair, it didn’t seem like it was ever going to end.

Get this product for the best results. It works best, along with a ton of combing through.

 What I really want to tell you is that there is light at the end of the lice tunnel and the strange benefits I’ve come across.

Bonding time with your kid.

I got more one on one time with each kid during this week-long lice process than I have in a long time. Sure, it wasn’t exactly the bonding that I wanted or any cute mother daughter dates.  It was me, nit-picking through every last strand of their hair.  Besides “You’re digging into my scalp too hard.  Why would you scrape my ear like that? Are you done yet? Ouch.” It really was nice to sit and comb my kid’s hair and talk to them each individually without any distractions. So believe it or not, sad as it is, bonding over lice was a hidden benefit. My kids have so much hair it’s ridiculous. 

Super cleaning.

We cleaned the shit out of the house and probably went over board washing every article of clothing, blanket, basically anything that can go in the washing machine. We bleached everything.  We got rid of extra stuffed animals and blankets and throw pillows that we really didn’t need.  It felt great to really feel clean and semi minimalize some of our stuff.   You don’t have to do this but it was an extra benefit.

Bonus benefit: you get to teach about personal space.

No one listened or got the message and still wanted to sleep in each other’s beds but at least I tried.

See, there were benefits, you just have to have a positive perspective.

In case you were wondering, this is what it looked like on a head.  These are eggs.  There’s one noticeable one.  You really can’t tell.  I won’t point it out to you either.  Most of the google photos have it magnified but I wanted to show what it really looked like.

And here’s a bug after I scraped it from a head. I know, gross. But so is cleaning vomit and diarrhea and everyone talks about that.

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