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Best apps for writing a blog post on your iPhone 

It’s super easy to write a successful blog post right from your phone. All you need are these two apps.

Let me guess, You’ve researched how to set up a blog in 15 minutes. You now have a WordPress blog hosted by Bluehost. So do I. I use these two apps to write my posts. Although you can’t do everything on there, you can write a simple post like this without ever having to open a computer or use a real camera.

WordPress App

The app I use to write most of my content is the WordPress app. It’s free and very simple to use. I can write a few sentences at stoplight if I want or start a new post anytime an idea comes up since I basically always have my phone on me. They’ve updated the app and It’s easy to edit, add photos, add links, check stats, etc. I’m sure there’s things you can’t do and hate about the WordPress app if you’re a blogger aficionado but for basic bloggers like me, this works perfectly.

Canva App

The other app I use for my posts is the Canva app.  I’m not sure if this is available in android phones but it’s avaible in the Apple Store for free. Once you sign up you can create images with text overlay like the ones I used in this post.  They have different size options and layouts. I generally just use the Pinterest size format. They have plenty of stock photos but if you have an iPhone 8 the images you take are clear enough to create excellent images for blog posts. Look at the quality of this picture of my daughter. To me it’s perfectly suitable for a blog post. Here’s why I use pictures of my own kids in my blog posts.

To be honest, I actually got so used to using both the Canva and WordPress apps that I prefer them to the desktop version.

What other apps do you guys use to write your blog?

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