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Best tween girl gifts

Here’s a list of what tween girls really want for Christmas or their birthdays. These come straight from my daughters’ lists. If you don’t already know, I’m a mom of 4 daughters so I’m pretty familiar with what’s in and not when it comes to girls.

Polaroid camera

Ava already has this black one. I’ll probably get Kayla the same brand just so they can share film.


Here’s the ones I got.  Perfect stocking stuffers or gift toppers. 

Fuzzy socks

Mermaid pillow

or mermaid anything It’s so satisfying flipping the sequins. The ones with just sequins suck, you have to get the reversible kind like this pillow.



Slime book or kit.


In all actuality, the don’t need the slime book just the Glue.

The kids would love you forever.


Cool water bottle


Bath and body stuff

Bath bombs

Some are super expensive. The Mason Jar from Ulta is a pretty good deal. they probably suck but kids won’t care.


Aqua beads

Board games

This 5 Second Rule one looks cool.  Otherwise I like the classics.

Anyways, the list goes on and on.  If all else fails, this is my go to for every person. A Target gift card and something from 5 Below just so they have something to open. All ages like opening gifts!

Here’s a copy of their actual lists. Clearly, Kayla won’t be getting a phone or tickets to Harry Potter World.

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