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Is it a brown recluse bite 

Warning: INFECTED BROWN RECLUSE BITE some of these picture are gross.

Last year the baby had what looked like a large blister on her foot (not pictured).  I picked her up from my mom’s house and wondered what had happened.  My mom said nothing was there earlier when she put her shoes on her and questioned why I never bring socks for her.  We thought it was a blister from uncomfortable shoes.

By the next day it looked like this.

It stayed like this for 2 weeks, maybe longer. We continued to question what it could be.  I thought it was more than a healing blister at this point.

Someone mentioned a spider bite.  I researched the hell out of spider bites.  Then started noticing a few spiders in my house and started freaking out. I was pretty sure we were all going to die.

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We finally decided to take her to the doctor.

Her doctor couldn’t believe I had waited over two weeks.  He said he had never seen a scab like that before and especially one that had lasted weeks.  He wasn’t sure If it was a brown recluse bite.  He prescribed her an antibiotic and said see you next week to monitor it.

I think this was also in the treatment plan:

  • Put an ointment and bandage it during the day
  • Leave it open to air out at night

It started to show signs of improvement, although the scab remained rather thick.

(Not sure when this was taken but it was somewhere in between the first and third pic when I thought she was improving)

A week came and went with little improvement.  He told us he was still unsure what the cause was  but a scab that lasted over 3 weeks would probably need to be seen at the wound clinic. He prescribed another antibiotic to cover all bases and set up another appointment for next week.

The scab did not improve and she spiked a fever while on the antibiotic.  Within a day it went from improving to looking like this.  I panicked and took her straight to the ER.

infected brown recluse bite

This is not normal.  It is clearly infected and eating away at her flesh.  I was certain the Poisonous spider venom had gotten into her system and was slowly killing her. The red ring around the scabbed area looked worse also.  I prayed we didn’t have to get her foot amputated.

The ER Doctor agreed it was not normal and was researching what it could be.  He said he had never seen anything like it and it was probably a spider bite.  He was going to admit her and put her on an IV of antibiotics because clearly what she was on wasn’t working.  He asked what my doctor thought.  I told him the doctor had a plan to see her for the 4th time and send her to the would clinic on Friday.  ER doc said he wanted to stick to that plan because  honestly he was afraid to open the scab.  He prescribed her another antibiotic (which I didn’t give her) and sent us home. All while assuring me a fever that starts while on an antibiotic is normal.

The next day I gave her a bath and the scab started to fall off.  I pulled it off and to my (and everyone else’s) surprise,  it wasn’t gushing with puss and there was not a hole eating through her foot.  It was semi perfectly normal scar tissue.

We saw the doctor one more time and he was happy with how it looked.  It only took 2-3 months before the scab actually went away but ended up healing with minimal scarring.

3 things I’ve learned from dealing with this:

Always wear socks with shoes.

Spray your house for spiders.

Call the doctor sooner.

No one ever officially said if it was a spider bite. What do you think?  Brown recluse? Infected blister? Both?

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  1. That looks horrible. I don’t think it was a fuddleback though. From what I understand it was have kept spreading and eaten the skin. A friend got but by one and she had to have a skin graft.
    Thankful your daughter is well!

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