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Childhood chores

Having your kid help with chores is so frustrating.

They suck at it, it takes forever and you end up doing more work than if you would’ve done it yourself. Don’t worry, eventually they’ll get there and you’ll be glad you taught them young.

It is never to early to learn how to help around the house. By the way, no one gets money for chores in our house.  Also, these aren’t really chores but more like basic household help.

Chores for one year olds. 

1. Wiping down chairs. I spray the chairs after dinner. She wipes.  Also,  give them a baby wipe and let them wipe everything.

2. Bringing me the garbage from her room.

3. Putting her laundry in the basket.

Even though it’s all simple shit and she needs prompting, I make a big deal and clap for her.  It’s a start to a routine and kids need a routine.  In our case, we practice the no routine, routine.

Chores for 3 year olds

1. Wipe stuff.

Kids like doing this. Unlike the one year old, she gets to use the spray bottle. She usually over does it.  I end up taking away the spray. She throws a tantrum.

2. Sweep or at least hold the dustpan and dump it.

3. Laundry stuff (this is kind of it’s own category)

  • Put her dirties in the basket.
  • When I carry the basket down, she hand me the clothes out of the basket. (Seems like a pain. It is)
  • I hand her the wet clothes, she it’s them in dryer.
  • She puts them in the basket from the dryer.
  • She helps me fold.
  • I hand her piles to put away.

This basically preps them for doing it themselves.

You can see laundry tips for big families here.

4. Handheld vacuum. She loves vacuuming the crumbs under the table and she is the perfect size to do it.

5. Clean up toys toys after playing. Obviously. Even though this is the hardest one to get her to do.

6. Setting the table. This is her favorite.

There are more but use common sense.  Let them help, that’s how they learn.

Older kid chores

My older girls are 9 and 10.   They can basically do most household chores by now.  We don’t have a list of chores and they don’t get an allowance.  Kinda trying to teach these kids to get shit done so I don’t have to.

If you feel overwhelmed and have anxiety about the kids not doing stuff up to your perfectionist standards, then buy them this stuff and let them pretend.

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