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Drowning in Laundry


Most days I feel like I’m literally drowning in clothes. The bottom line is I have four girls. If you are anything like me, you are never caught up in laundry. Right when you think you are done you will find another basket that needs to be folded, or a pile of clothes that wasn’t there a minute ago, or you will realize you left  a load in the washer or dryer. Then you realize you haven’t done your kids sheets in who knows when. So yay, one more load!


The number one laundry tip for large families is:

  1.  Make your kids do their own laundry.   My oldest is 10 and has been doing her own for 3 or 4 years now.  The 9 year old just started this year and still needs a lot of prompting.  

You can buy these pods which are so easy for kids.  No measuring required.

Tape a piece of paper on the washer telling them step by step how to do.  Don’t forget to add close the lid on that list. 

What if my kids are too young?  Here’s a list on how they can help with their clothes and other items around the  house.

2.  Give everyone a specific day to do their load.  

3.  Limit the number of towels in your house.  We used to have like 50 towels in all varieties of color. I could let the towels pile up and not even think about washing them because  we had so many. Now we only have 2 -3 towels person.  We use the same towel twice. This may seem dumb to some people but it works really well for me.  I’m always caught up on towels because I know I can’t let them sit because we need them. 

4. Buy laundry supplies in bulk.  

Some people like 5 gallon buckets of detergent.  Just make sure it comes with a pump otherwise it’s a hassle.

5.  Don’t separate your whites and darks.  This might not fly with everyone but  it works for me. If everyone is doing their own it makes it easier to just have them do one load.  Stain treat all your stains and put them in the same load.  Every so often if your whites need to be brightened you can throw them in with the linens.

Make sure your clothes are smelling fresh by using these.   They are so addicting.  The Dreft ones are my favorite.  I could smell my clothes all day.

6. Use all white linens.  I don’t know why this helps but it does. I can throw in sheets with towels. There’s no separating.  

Anyways, since using this method I feel less overwhelmed with laundry.  Except in spring.  Spring laundry in the Midwest gives me anxiety because we sill have out our winter stuff and now we pulled out our summer clothes because it might be 80 degrees one day and snowing the next. 

How do you manage your laundry?

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