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Easy 4th grade science fair project 

This is a science fair project your kid can basically do on their own.  It requires items you most likely already have in your house.

I don’t remember having to do science fair projects until Middle school so I was surprised when my 4th grader had to do one. I probably don’t remember because my mom did everything for me. Unlike me, Ava is a real go getter.  She wanted to do it all herself and did good job on it.

The title and question of this project is:


What cup keeps water the coldest?

Let’s get stared.


A thermometer

Here’s a few different options.  I chose this digital one .  Yes, I had to buy one because I never had a need to measure the temperature of my food.

Various cups

We chose these but you can use whatever you’d like.



Red solo

Stainless coffee mug


A clock or timer.


Start by lining up all cups in a row. Pour water into a large measuring cup or pitcher and record the temperature.  Then add equal amounts of water to each cup. We added 1 cup or 8 oz.

Set the timer for 15 minutes then record the temperature of each cup again.

We did this in 15 minute intervals for 2 hours. You can chose longer or shorter intervals. Do whatever works best for you.

That’s about it!! See super easy.

I found it interesting that glass was the worst considering we drink out of glass cups and glass bottles the most.

Ava did the board herself with a little guidance from me. It turned out cute and not to overdone like some of these projects where you can obviously tell the parent did all the work.

4th grade science fair project

Here’s the actual work, including the graphs.



line graph

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