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Easy zombie makeup for toddlers

My kids are cute girls every other day of the year. It’s only fair I get to do spooky Halloween makeup on them once a year.

I am not good at makeup nor do I have the time or money to buy a bunch of supplies and watch a ton of tutorials.  Also, kids have sensitive skin and do not usually sit for a long time. Despite all that, We’ve managed some pretty okay Halloween and zombie makeup throughout the years.

All you need for simple zombie makeup for kids and toddlers is a basic Halloween makeup kit.  These are on amazon prime for pretty cheap.

All I do it is use white all over their faces then add a bit of green or gray and smear it around.  Then I put black around the eyes. You can either do the lips red or black.  I add blood dripping from the nose or eyes and try to make one or two scars by adding scar putty and fake blood.  Really that’s about it!!  Have fun and be creative!!

Here’s a few more pictures of my girls with Halloween makeup. They actually do modeling and you can see Kayla in several different costumes here. 

child voodoo doll This one is actually a voodoo doll zombie dolls zombie toddler cheerleader zombie toddler cheerleader  half princess half zombie this a half zombie half princess (I guess I am creative!)  dead little debbie zombie little debbie

See nothing crazy but still super cool for Halloween!!

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