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Easy teacher gift

I absolutely loved my kids’ teachers this year.  I actually liked all the teachers they’ve ever had. I used to stress about what to give them for Christmas and the end of the year.  Here is the best gift is that doesn’t require much effort.

easy teacher gift

I always see cute personalized gifts that you can order and really crafty ideas on Pinterest

Unfortunately,  I’m always short on time.  Not to mention short on creativity and money.  So, this is my end of school gift.


I usually get a Walgreens or CVS gift card or whatever convenience store is closest to the school.  Since they are at the school so much, there is going to be times they forgot something or need to pick something up really quick (including their anti anxiety and stress prescriptions that your kid caused them to take.)  I always chose this even though it seems generic because I know they’ll use it. Honestly, everyone goes to Walgreens or CVS at some point.  I don’t know where they go out to eat or shop at so I don’t want to get them something they won’t use.  Any amount will do, even if it’s only $5, it’s the thought that counts.


I always put it in a cute thank you note or Christmas or whatever holiday card with a heartfelt message that makes me cry as I write it because I am an emotional wreck and amazed how fast the school year went and how fast these kids are growing and how much I really do appreciate all the teacher has done throughout the year.  I know that the teachers like this. I mean who doesn’t love to be thanked and appreciated, especially in the era of “it wasn’t my kid’s fault, it’s the teacher’s fault.”  I also have my kids make a separate card or note.

There you have it,  a gift card with a thank you is best gift requiring little time effort and money.  I’m sure the teacher’s appreciate anything and everything but this seems less stressful than crafting and cooking and shopping.


last minute teacher gift

What are some of your great Christmas or end of the year teacher gifts?


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