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How to get a kid off of a sippy cup

Here’s how to get your kid to stop using a sippy and start using a regular cup.

We give our toddlers and babies sippy cups because it’s convenient but it really isn’t necessary. Kids don’t need drinks everywhere they go. I only let my older kids drink in the kitchen and dining room so why was I letting the baby and toddler carry a sippy cup everywhere.  Another reason you should get your kid on a regular cup is because you don’t need to wash extra parts. Especially the moldy ones that you found in your car, in the couch, under the toddler bed or wherever else one shows up.

Here’s how to start weaning them from a sippy.

There’s a ton of advise and pressure about how to get a baby off of a bottle but not much thought about a sippy. I started this when I was trying to get them off of a bottle. All of my kids were done with sippy cups fairly young. Brianne just turned 2 and we no longer have sippy cups or bottles in the house. Yay!! Here she is drinking her morning coffee.

Start using  these cups.

It has to be the plastic ones not paper because the paper ones are too thin and the baby will crush them.

Only fill it half way.

Only let them have drinks on the high chair or sitting at a table.

Or if your dining room unfortunately has carpet like mine, sit on the kitchen floor with them.

The key is to encourage them to drink from the cup but don’t punish them if they spill.

They will spill. It’s amazing how even when you spill using these small cups it seems like a lot more liquid. Clean it up and get them more.

Use these every time your kid wants a drink.

Let them drink juice even if you are anti juice. It’ll make them want to use it. If you want to make it more fun you can to do shots with your toddler. It’s not bad parenting as long as they’re not actually drinking alcohol. Kids love doing shots.

Continue to use these small cups until they get the hang of it. After these you can go straight to small glass cups. These are the exact ones we have and love.

Each person has their own color.  I went straight to glass rather than plastic because if we are ever at a non kid friendly place it causes less anxiety to know that your kid can handle a glass cup. We use these. They are awesome. Everyone has their own color and it’s the only one they use. It makes it way easier for me considering we have 6 people in our family and no dishwasher.

This should work for teaching your kid to use a regular cup. Brianne used a sippy at night for a few months after we weaned her from the day time sippy. I was ok with that and eventually she just gave them up on her own.

If yours doesn’t do a good job transitioning and still begs for a special cup just throw it away. They’ll get over it eventually.

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