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Getting Started in Child Modeling

I have four kids who are involved in child modeling.  People are constantly asking me how to get their kid started and I gladly give them the website to our agency because I want to see your adorable kid in an ad.
What I don’t think people realize it takes more then just an adorable kid.  Your kid needs to be personable and go to strangers and follow directions.  

(This is a photo of Ava by Jamie Berg.)

I will explain to you a little bit of my take on child modeling since somewhere along the lines I became the go to person for questions regarding modeling.

First thing’s first:


1. Ask yourself if YOU really want to and can do it. 

(This is after you already established they want to and are capable of the following directions and going with strangers part.)

Clearly, since they are children, they can’t drive themselves to the job.  Most of the jobs we get are one to two hours away.  If you are willing and able to do that on short notice then move onto the next steps.

I was able to because I worked part time from 3pm-11pm and most of the kids’ gigs were in the morning and my job was flexible. I had to take a break at one point because I switched jobs and didn’t have the flexibility.  If you get lucky you’ll find out your kid is booked a week in advance and you can arrange how she/he is getting there easier.  Other times you’ll get an email the night before saying they booked a job.  If your schedule allows to you to be somewhere last minute then this will be perfect for you.  If not, then you might have to wait until your life is more flexible because I’m pretty sure the agent gets annoyed if you can’t go to anything and will eventually drop you.

You will spend a lot of time in your car.

We drive to and from castings that we never get on a regular basis. It seems like such a waste of time and I often question why I’m doing this. We seriously waste so much time and gas.   Sometimes I think of it as a sport and think if they were in a travel league and I had to drive 2 hours to their game, would I be annoyed? No probably not.  I wouldn’t think twice about wasting time, money and gas on that.

Anyways,  the point is, it’s a lot of work and a lot of it is work for the parents.

This is Cierra in a CARTERS  ad.  These PJ’s were super cute comfy!  Here’s a few more below.

2.  Finding an agency.

We live in the midwest and I will give you a list of some of the best agencies that I’ve heard of and worked with. There are plenty more and you can research for yourself.   All you have to do is google search model and talent agencies in your area.  If you’re near a bigger city, this should be easy.  If you live in the middle of nowhere, google anyway, there may be some but with not nearly as much work available. There are also some agencies that focus more on acting than modeling but for right now we are focusing on modeling.  If you think you’re getting scammed, you probably are.  You shouldn’t be paying for anything. If you want, send me the link to the agency you plan on submitting to and I should be able to tell you if they’re legit or not.

Here’s a few in the Midwest:

Again, you can research this more yourself, these are just a few.

3.  Submitting to the agency.

Yay! You researched and found an agency you like. Now it’s time to submit. Submit to all of them but don’t commit to all of them.

Basically everything is online now.  When my kids first started I send a hard copy snapshot, snail mail to the agency.  Now all you do is upload everything.  They should have really easy to follow instructions on the website on how to submit.  Don’t call or email the agency asking how to submit because they’ll probably think you’re a dumb ass for not being able to figure it out.  Then they might assume your kid can’t follow instructions either and might not pick them for that reason alone.

Don’t get professional pics right away.  Right now all you need is a great snapshot.  Plain clothes, plain background and good lighting should do the trick.  Once you are accepted the agent will probably give you a list of photographers for professional pics.

Don’t get discouraged if your kid doesn’t get called right away.

They might not be looking for a blue eyed blonde size 2T at this point but maybe they will be looking for a blue eyed blonde 3T, so try again in a few months.

Now you know the basics of getting started in child modeling.  Next check out Audition Tips.

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