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Gifts for older adults

It seems like moms and grandparents are the hardest people to get gifts for.  They don’t need anything and if they did, they’d buy it themselves.  Here’s a few gift options for the older adult in your life.

Ps. These are not my parents and this post contains affiliate links.


Here’s a few different journal options.  They aren’t regular journals, they’re prompting journals that give you ideas to write about. These are great gifts for parents and grandparents. If they actually complete the journal it’s more of a gift to you and generations to come. I personally love the life story one and would love to get all of my older relatives ones. Shoot, I’d like to give one to everyone ages 65 and up because they have so much life experience and have seen so much change.


Family Trees

Family Trees  are another great option.  I’m super into genealogy and would love a detailed family tree dating way back.  A simple one is nice too and will show your older relatives that you care about the family and it’s roots.  Here’s a few examples.  The ship one is super cute.  If your parents are tech savvy, possibly an membership. That way they can do their own research.

Personalized jewelry

Every mom and grandma has to have at least one mother or grandparent necklace, whether it’s birthstones or names.  If they don’t have one yet or you need to update to add extra kids and grandkids here’s some super cute ideas.  It’s great idea to find a signature of a deceased relative and put it on jewelry or the signature of a kid who is just learning to write . The friendship necklaces are adorable too.


When all else fails and you realize they really do have everything and none of these other items will work, go with a little comedy and a gift card to where ever you know they go, even if it’s a gas station or something impersonal like that. This hammer is my favorite.

What are some of your favorite gifts for parents and older adults?

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  1. Great ideas. I really like personalized gifts since it adds a special touch to it. I have such a hard time Christmas shopping though; I’m so indecisive!

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