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Halloween party classroom slime

If you live on planet Earth and have a child, you’ve probably heard about slime.  It’s probably been stuck in your carpet or comforter. Your kids probably beg for glue once a week. If you’re an involved parent, you probably volunteer at the school and help out with class parties.  You’re probably doing some lame over done activity that you’ve seen on Pinterest for the Halloween party.  It’s time to step up your room mom game and make Halloween classroom party slime.  I’ve been doing this before slime was popular and has always been the biggest hit amongst elementary school students. It was also a success when I made it for the preschool Halloween party. This can also be used for any other classroom party.

Easy Halloween class party activity

Halloween class party slime

As a class you will be making Witches Slime. This has the best effect if you are dressed in a witches costume and talk in a spooky voice and add words like potion, spell, etc.  You’re going to start by getting out a large Witches Cauldron . This is the container that you will be making the slime in.  You can also you a large pumpkin bucket or anything Halloween. You can choose any slime recipe that you like but I prefer the old fashioned glue and borax combo.  I used this recipe How to make slime.  (Here’s a link for Elmer’s slime without Borax if you think Borax is too toxic.)  The most important part is that you are making a large batch.  A good rule is 1 glue per 2 students or you can’t go wrong by getting a gallon of glue.

Add the glue

How I’ve done it in the past was 1 bottle of glue per 2 students, so if you have 20 students, that’s 10 bottles of glue (for those that don’t do math.) You can also buy a Elmer’s Liquid School Glue, Washable, 1 Gallon, 1 Count – Great For Making Slime“>gallon of glue  from Amazon for pretty cheap.  This is more than enough. That way you can make a few batches at home too, to see which slime you like the best before bringing it to the class party.  For older kids you can have the kids pour the glue in, pick volunteers or chose half the class to do this part, half to do the next.  If you don’t think they can handle this, you can just do it yourself.

Add the water and food coloring

Next you are going to pour in your water and green food coloring. For this,you are using the same amount of water as glue. (You can fill the 10 empty glue bottles with water and pour that in) Again, use your best judgement and either do it yourself or pick out volunteers.  Add as much food coloring as desired.

Add the borax solution

Then you will add the borax solution.  1 tablespoon of Borax mixed until dissolved in 1 cup of water.  Pour this in one tablespoon at a time. You will not be using all of it. If you add too much the slime will become too hard and not stretchy.  After this what I did was have them take turns stirring or just all dig right in with their hands and stir.  The kids really like this and will get super hyper and loud. 

You can either buy containers to put it in or just use plastic baggies.

class party slime

10-15 bottles of Glue or 1 gallon of glue
Same amount of water as glue
1 tbs Borax mixed with 1 cup of warm water
Green food coloring
Large Cauldron or Halloween bowl. 
Mix equal parts of glue and water into the cauldron
Add a few drops of green food coloring and mix in
Slowly add the borax solution one tablespoon at a time (you will not need all of this) mixing as you go until it is the perfect slime consistensy.

Have fun with this! The kids will love you and want to make it for the Christmas and Valentine’s party too!!

Christmas class party slime

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