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Number 1 way to get a toddler to sleep in their bed. 

I have four kids  who all sucked at sleeping at some point.   Right now I only have one who doesn’t sleep well and even worse, doesn’t fall asleep well.  It’s partially my fault because her sleeping arrangements have always been sub par. She started off in my bed, then in a crib in my room, then we moved the crib in her sisters’ room, then we moved to my moms house and she slept in a playpen in our room, which she could climb out off, then we had a baby, then she went in a toddler bed in our room, moved the toddler bed in her sisters’ room, she even slept in a bed in the hallway at one point, then we moved again.  Anyways…

We’ve tried everything but the girl won’t go to sleep.

Ain’t no melatonin strong enough for this girl.

Here’s a few things on the list of things we tried.

  • Lay on their floor
  • Lay in their bed
  • Lay in the hallway
  • Let her pick out a bed
  • Let her help build her bed and paint it (seriously, my husband built a bed with her)
  • Switch rooms
  • Essential oils

The list goes on and on and somehow she always ends up in my room.  I don’t mind that she wakes up in the night and comes to my bed but the falling asleep part pisses me off.  Every. Single. Night.  It is a struggle beyond belief.  I don’t want to sleep in her room or in the hall.  I don’t have time for that.  Bedtime is my time.   It’s that one hour of time to myself when everyone else is sleeping and I don’t want to spend it laying on a floor or in a toddler bed. And don’t want to attempt to sneak out either because she will notice and the process will start over.


We finally came up with the simplest solution. Here’s what we did as a last resort and it worked for us.


Get a tv for their room.

Judge all you want.  I’ll be sleeping so I don’t care.  Put a freaking movie on and walk away.  Goodnight.  Amen.  Buy them this Preschool Prep Series Collection .  You won’t regret it.  It is boring and will put them to sleep and they will be subconsciously learning. Put on an educational movie, a boring movie or whatever it takes to make them stay in their bed.  You could put on their favorite show but limit this show to bed time only. That way they are excited to go in their bed.  We did this with a Peppa Pig DVD but I hate Peppa so the DVD disappeared suddenly.

Yes, that’s the number one thing that worked for us.  Getting a TV.

What other methods did you use? Seriously, nothing worked for this child but this.

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