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Painting Patio Furniture

Along time I wrote a bog post.  The year was 2012.  I forgot about the blog and the post.  The other day I decided to login to that account and saw that this post was still getting views so I thought I’d share with you.  Other people  have copied my idea and surpassed my ability but I’d like to share my original:

Like my dining room set, my patio set is filthy, disgusting and gross but it gets the job done. It was also left here by the previous homeowners. We planned on throwing it in the alley and buying a new set the first year. Instead we kept it and I found another one that was equally awful in the alley, along with more plastic chairs. Great! We now have two junky sets.

Summer comes and goes again and I decided; why spend all that money when (just like cute party decorations) no one really cares as long as we are all having fun eating, drinking and hanging out by the pool. At least, that’s what I like to tell myself, even though I dream owning really expensive and fancy patio furniture.

Here is what it looks like. The round one was worse but I don’t have a before.

I planned on only painting the rusted metal trim around the table and stand to spruce it up but while I’m at Home Depot I notice there is spray for plastic and it comes in all different colors. Who knew? I buy multiple bright colors to give it a summery feel because I like tacky and lots of color. Rustoleum was the brand I used. It looks like they even better products now.

This one looks easy.

Check out glow in the dark spray    . 
Before spraying make sure you wipe down the table and chairs. The alley chairs are really gross and the more I scrub the worse they get. They’re actually turning gray and feels like they’ve been sanded. I decided not to sand or prime them because that would require way too much effort.

Painting Tips

Tip 1: Don’t use spray paint in the wind.

Tip 2: Use a well-ventilated space.

Tip 3: Use a drop cloth.

Tip 4: Wear junky clothes.

I did not follow tip 1 or 2. I was eager to get started and I like getting high off fumes.

For the CHAIRS: The yellow looked a little dingy and could use an extra coat but I ran out of paint. The rest of the colors looked great.

For the table, I sprayed the underside of the glass because I figured it would hold up better that way.
Here it is!

I just copied and pasted this post but You can check out my old blog here.

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