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Casting and Audition Tips For Kids

My kids have been doing this modeling thing for 6 years. With all 4 girls  (yes, I have 4 girls) now involved, it’s safe to say I have some experience in taking kids to auditions and castings.  I am not an expert and my kids aren’t making millions, we do it all for fun. These are just some basics I’ve learned along the way.

If you haven’t gotten started yet check out this post Getting Started in Childhood Modeling and then come back to these tips.


Here’s a few tips I’ve learned  for taking kids to castings and auditions  :

(These are more for modeling, acting is a whole other post)

As a parent, Don’t take it too seriously.  Sure, it’s a potential job but more importantly They are kids and babies.  If they don’t want to do it, don’t pressure them.  For instance, the baby went to an audition for Gerber.  They put her on this box/pedestal and expected her to sit still on a piece of tape and smile for the camera.  She didn’t.  She tried to crawl off, peel off the tape and started crying.  They shook toys in front of her face and made weird sounds to get her to smile.  I said, sorry,  I’m not gonna force her to do this, thanks for your time. And we left.  The baby tried on the sleepers below from Gerber and Cierra did the Toddler Clothes.  I was surprised they actually go up to a size 5T.  I thought Gerber was more for food but I guess not.  Click  the image  below to see…

Keep going to them.  You will Go on more castings/auditions then you will actual jobs.  It can be discouraging but eventually they’ll get something or maybe you’ll get lucky and get a direct booking (basically meaning you are booked based off of just the picture your agent sends in.)  I used to think it was a waste to go to the castings that were for ages 3-12 all ethnicities.  I mean, what are the odds of my kid booking that but you just never know.  Also, even if the baby cried at the casting last week, doesn’t mean the baby sucks.  She might do better this time.  But if your 4 year old cries at auditions and castings,  they probably don’t want to do it and you probably shouldn’t force them.  So in that case, don’t keep going to them.  Tell the agent.


Bring snacks.  Good for the car ride.  Good for the waiting.  Sometimes you are in and out, sometimes it’s a huge unorganized Cattle call and you will wait.  Unfortunately, children like mine get HANGRY.  Always bring  snacks.
just in case.  As a parent, you should really always have snacks on you at all times because kids don’t stop eating ever.

  • This little container is so cool. Great for multiple snacks and even for holding formula if you have to bring a baby along.

Don’t eat red/blue or anything that colors your mouth and tongue.  We made a mistake of getting slurpees on the way to an audition.  Bad choice.  Completely stained their mouths and teeth.

Give yourself plenty of time to get to there.  There will be traffic no matter when and where you go.   Better off early.   Stop at Walgreens (my favorite place), get food, waste time, but don’t be late.

Dress cute for castings but not too cute.  I think they are looking at personality more than outfits.  I find that basics are the best, unless the casting calls for specific looks.  You can check out a few good options here. I’ve seen a few moms who dress their kids in over the top frills and ruffles.  Too cutsey and boutiquey for me.  Wipe off your kids’ faces but don’t put makeup on them.  Do their hair normal.  Don’t bring a curling iron to fix it in the bathroom.  They are kids.

Don’t be pretentious.   They are kids!  It’s suppose to be fun.  No one likes a bragger.   I really do care about how your kid is in 50 million lessons and how many “campaigns” they’ve done for “high-end” stores.

The bottom line is just have fun and don’t get too worked up over it.  Too much pressure is no fun for anyone.

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