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The No Routine, Summer Routine

If you think this is an oxymoron and stupid, it might be to you but it works for us.  Remember in my last post I said what works for one family may not work the other.  More importantly, what works for one kid may not work for the other.

This is the case with the super scheduled summer routine; we are not all on the same, page.  Half my family’s not even on the same chapter and some are illiterate.  This is why our routine is more of a go at your own pace daily to do list.

Basically, as long as they are eating, learning,  working and playing; they can do it at their own pace.  They need an equal amount of independence and disciple and doing it at their own pace causes less fights because they won’t all be all together at all times.

We did not have a routine growing up. We played outside all day and only came in to eat lunch  watch Small Wonder.


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