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Things to do with your kids when you’re broke. 

People always comment on how much I do with my kids.  I have a fear of doing nothing.  They think we have money to spend because we’re always out and about but we are a family of six living off 1 income.  If I had a ton of money, trust me, we would be doing way cooler stuff.  These are a few things we do on a regular basis to get out of the house.  Trust me, with 4 kids home, we need to get out often.  We go crazy when we are all at home.

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Here’s a few things we do for cheap or free that are available in basically every part of this country.

Go out to donuts!  

I know, I’m talking about summer and everyone thinks ice cream. But seriously, Who doesn’t love a donut? It’s cheaper than going out for regular food or ice cream.  Kids love sugar and it’s a super awesome treat.  We try to check out non chain donut shops and go to different ones throughout the year. Tip- don’t buy them a drink.  That’s where the money adds up.  Water please.

Go to the library.

The library is so cool.  My kids love it.  There’s more than just books.

  • Go to storytime.
  •  Let them play with the toys there.
  •  Join the summer reading program.
  • Free movies
  • Obviously, let them pick out books.  Free fun for a rain day.  Look up your library’s website and find all they have to offer.

Go to the beach.

 Another free and favorite place.  We have to pay to park some places but that’s about it.  Bring snacks and drinks. You can Read up on my snack schedule.  Stay for an hour or two and be done.   It’s really easy to do, even with four kids.  I used to stress out about beach days but now we do it on a regular basis.

Go to the park.  

Look up all the parks in your neighborhood on the park district site and try to go to a different one each time.  That’s what we do.  The kids sometimes request to go to their favorite parks.  Have a picnic there for even more fun.  Better yet, do the playground scavenger hunt.

Garage sales.

My kids love garage sales. I love garage sales.  It’s not free but it’s cheap.  Give them each a dollar and see how well they budget it.

Go to an animal shelter or pet shop.

So much fun to love on animals you know you’ll never get.  Let everyone pick out their favorite and give them new names.

Vacation bible school.

 Here’s one that your kids can do without you.  During summer you will see signs every where for vacation bible school.  I take advantage of Jesus and send my kids to all of them for free.  Gives them something to do and gives you a break.

There’s a million ideas and these are nothing new, just a few of my favorite quick outings and things mostly everyone has near them and can afford.

What are your favorite free activities?

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