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Tween Halloween Costumes and wigs

*This post has affiliate links featuring costumes and wigs my daughter modeled for different stores. Check them out! Also, be sure to check out how to get your own kid started in Child Modeling here. 

I am dedicating this post to girls’ Halloween costumes, modeled by Kayla.

Kayla worked really hard on this all last summer.  It was for a company called BuyCostumes.  I thought it was a small company but it turns out they are a wholesaler and sold to a lot of big stores.  She ended up on the websites for Walmart, Target , Toys R Us and many others in these costumes.  She was also on the in store signage for Walmart.  You never know where these costumes will pop up.

Here’s a few tween girl Halloween Costumes for 2017

These are all pictures of her.  If you click on the image you can see the other poses of her in the costume.  Side views, etc.  Some will make you laugh, especially if you know Kayla. You can tell when she was over it and needed a snack.

She was lucky enough to be in a ton more because they really liked her for some reason.   Click on each one to see more of her (after you already clicked on the images above).  Some of them are actually really good deals.


Girls’ Pharaoh’s Princess Costume with Matching 18″ Doll Costume
Magical Genie Child’s Costume $16.99
BuySeasons Girls’ Japanese Kimono Costume • BuySeasons • $18.99
Girls’ Fringe 60’s Hippie Costume with Matching 18″ Doll Costume  
Girls’ Queen of Hearts Costume with Matching 18″ Doll Costume
Mystic Genie Costume with Matching 18″ Doll Costume

The hippie one was my favorite but also the most time consuming because of all the fringe.

She also modeled a whole bunch of wigs.

I added  links to a bunch of other wigs she modeled.  As you can see from this snapshot, she was about done with wigs.  Click on the Snow white link to see how it looked. 

This Harry Potter one was her favorite.

Her faces in some of these are hilarious. It was a long work day for a little girl. Click to see!!

Snow white wig

Pastel Child Wig

Blue Princess Wig

Malevolant Child Wig

There are actually a bunch more but it’s really time consuming to do this, so feel free to search around.  If anyone happens to order any of these or sees them in stores, let me know if she’s on the product packaging.  Thanks!


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