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Should you use pictures of your own kids on your blog

When I first started blogging I debated whether or not to use photos of my own children.  I chose to use their names and pictures in some of the blog posts and feel comfortable doing so. Here’s why.

use kids name and photo in blog

More genuine

Most of my posts have something to do with my kids. It seems more genuine to use their photos.

I’ve already exploited them.

I post their pictures on my social media accounts. They are the stars of my social media accounts. I like posting them. It’s kind of like a millennial scrapbook of their childhood.  You can check out my instagram here.  I post tasteful photos that do not put them in harm’s way.  Yes, I know nothing is safe anymore, including a simple picture.

My kids have done child modeling since before they were able to give me consent to. Some may call that exploiting, I call it fun and a great way for them to make a few bucks.  Yes, anyone can take a screenshot of any one of the pictures I put in my post but they can also cut out a picture of them in the Kohl’s ad or go look at them in an In-store sign.  Since I’m admitting to exploiting them, I might as well shamelessy plug them too, here’s the latest pajamas they modeled for Kohl’s and Cierra on the cover of American girl doll.


I have cute kids.

The actual pictures of my kids are cuter than the stock images. I might be biased. But seriously look at her face. Why wouldn’t I use it.

real kids or stock photos

One other thing I questioned when I started my blog was whether or not to use their actual names.

It is less confusing for me to just use their real names rather than calling them Sticky, Icky, Goody and Froyo or whatever nickname I feel suitable for the internet.  People, I have 4 kids, it’s confusing enough to get their names right. I’m always combining names and calling the kids the wrong thing. Ava, Kayla, Cierra and Brianne it is.
Overall, I think it depends on the content of your blog and your personal preference.  I personally don’t mind sharing my kids and find it easier, while others may think it’s completely wrong.

What do all my fellow bloggers do and why?

2 thoughts on “Should you use pictures of your own kids on your blog”

  1. I share my daughter’s photo and first name. I was hesitant at first, but talked to my husband, and he thought I was being silly. Here’s the thing. The people who are going to harm your child, are the people already in your life (sadly often family members), or the people who look for an opportunity, say your child is sitting on a bench alone waiting for a school bus, a stranger approaches them. It’s not going to be someone from the internet. No one is going to hunt down your kid because they saw their photo. However, to be on the safe side, I NEVER post my address or pictures of our home from the outside.

    Yes someone can take your photo and use it, but that’s why I don’t post any pictures of my child naked. Also if they do that without my permission and I find out, I can totally sue them. And if you have family and friends, your kids photos are probably already plastered all over Facebook, which means they could easily spread to all over the internet, so there’s no sense in me not using my own photos when someone else may already be using them.

    1. You are absolutely right!! It’s funny I questioned about posting them here but didn’t think twice about sharing their pics on social media.

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