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What to do when routine isn’t working


Summer is here and the first day off was insane.  Kids were fighting all day, with me and with each other.  I wish I never quit my job because dealing with patients in the inpatient psych ward  seemed much easier than dealing with these mini psychos.  I am never going to survive summer. We need a routine.

I stayed up all night writing a routine and looking up stuff for it on Pinterest.  I knew it was going to help. We are on the way to having the best summer ever!

The routine goes something like this:

The morning comes and almost everyone wakes up and looks at the routine.  Breakfast is 8. Everyone wants breakfast now at 7:30. Fine. A half hour difference isn’t going to hurt.  Wrong.   The whole day was already fucked and I’m already yelling at my kids by 7:45 am.
One wants to take a shower in the morning instead of going on to part two of the routine. One wants to pitch a fit and one is still sleeping.  It’s only 8:30 am but feels like 8 pm.

We’re now on worksheet/quite time/homework. I like these Brain Quest work books. They are worth checking out and  come in all grade levels.  The themed ones below are a little cheaper and possibly more fun.


Unfortunately, the baby is the only one doing the learning activity and the others are pitching a fit.  Which makes me realize this isn’t going to work. Even if everyone was on schedule, how the hell do I get this baby to sit and do work for a half hour?

The last one is up and finally eating breakfast but whining because she doesn’t want what we had.

The one who is summer school scribbles all over her work and crumbles it up.

It’s 8:52 am.   I gave up.  I’m done.  We haven’t even gotten to the fun part of the routine yet.  This stay at home mom gig is too much for me.  I think about calling and begging for my job back or at least dropping them off at the babysitter. Or I could sit them in front of the TV all day.  I’m sure they’d love that.

What do you do to make it work?

Are all these Pinterest and Instagram moms  for real?  Are their lives and kids really that Perfect?  Someone please help me.

When your summer routine isn’t working, do this

 Let them have a free for all.  We went back to our regularly unscheduled life.  Kids do thrive off routine but not always. Just remember, what works for one family may not work for yours. And more importantly 

That’s why I decided to go with the The No Routine, Routine.   It’s the best option when your routine isn’t working.

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