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What it’s like to have 4 kids

I’ve summed up what having four kids is like into 4 sentences.  I get asked “What’s it like to have 4 kids?” by quite a few people.  For some reason, people think having 4 kids is insane and unheard of.  Unless you are part of the Morman community, having 4 kids sounds like a lot in this day and age.  Oh, even bigger shocker, they all have the same dad and all four of  them are girls.

4 sentences describing what it’s like to have 4 kids.

It’s exhausting.

Truly exhausting.  On the verge of a nervous breakdown every damn day, exhausting.  Never a moment of downtime.  I sleep in my daydreams cause I know real sleep is not happening.

It’s fun.

It really is.  There’s always something to do and someone to play with.  Someone will make you smile.  With 4 kids, there’s really never a dull moment.  Simple things become extra fun, because the more the merrier.  We are a party in itself.

It’s overwhelming.

The amount of times 4 tiny humans can call “mom” on a daily basis is overwhelming. One day I’ll actually count it and let you know.  The amount of times I fix kids ponytails is enough to stress out some people.   The laundry is overwhelming.  The amount of food we consume is overwhelming.  The loud volume of our everyday life is overwhelming.  It’s non stop.  There’s seriously always something going on over here.  I can’t even explain the overwhelmingness.

It’s worth it.

I used to think it wasn’t and at one point Hated  being a mom, especially of 4 girls.  Now, I realize, I love it and it’s worth it.  If I can raise them to be decent human beings then all the exhaustion and overwhelming moments will all be worth it.  At the end of the day, I know that I’m loved, truly loved by 4 people.  It’s great feeling that most people won’t ever experience and it’s worth it.  The amount of love is indescribable and so worth it.  When I hold my babies and they smile at me and hug me and kiss me and call me mom for 1857th time today, I  know it’s worth it.

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Having 4 kids is really not that bad.  5 might put me over the top though.  I don’t know how you guys do it! You can check out what strangers say to moms of a lot of kids  here.

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    1. Totally! Sometimes I think people are happy when we don’t come to the party. It’s like one less tray of food they have to buy!!

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