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Why people fail at going vegan

If you are like me, you want to become vegan for the many benefits of it.  You’ve probably watched Forks Over Knives or What the Health and feel inspired to change your diet and your life. That’s exactly what I intended to do. The problem is I suck.  I tried to ‘go vegan’ at least 167 times and failed every time.  It just seems damn near impossible. The sad fact that I’m not a huge save the animals person is clearly one of the main reasons. I also like to blame my friends and family for being unsupportive. I could also blame a few other things, like the cost but I know that’s not the real reason I failed.

These are the main reasons I failed at becoming a vegan and you will too:

All the small ingredients

I can easily pass up a steak and cold glass of milk. I can even pass up ice cream because the non-dairy alternatives are so awesome. The problem is, I can’t pass up a chocolate chip cookie or a Cheeto. Eating one cookie from a batch that contains 2 eggs and milk chocolate doesn’t seem like that big of deal. Same goes for bread, crackers and other snack foods that may contain dairy and ground up chicken parts labeled as something else. It just doesn’t have the same impact that you are slaughtering an animal like a raw slab of meat does.

Parties and going out

As for parties, I’m sorry but I like cake.  If you have a vegan cake I’d love it just as much but no parties that I go to are serving vegan cake and I just can’t pass up the cake. I can pass up the burgers and brats though, leaving me with mostaccioli and salad which are clearly not vegan but doesn’t make me feel like I’m straight up killing a cow either.

Why don’t I just bring my own vegan alternatives, you ask? Well, as a mother of 4, I do not have time to make extra shit to bring to the parties just for me to reach my (kind of pretentious) vegan goals.  If I was severely allergic that’d be a different story and I probably would bring food alternatives to parties.

A lot of the restaurants around me do not have vegan options, although, I’ve noticed more and more are starting to. If I lived in a big city this wouldn’t be a problem. Even if I get a salad, it comes topped with cheese that it didn’t mention in the menu description.  The dressing probably isn’t vegan either and neither are the croutons. The bun they put their meatless burger option on most likely isn’t vegan either.  It doesn’t help that the server always suggests the vegan burger tastes best with pepper jack cheese. Of course, I feel the need to get it, therefore defeating the purpose of vegan burger.  Which brings me to…


Plain and simple, cheese is most people’s biggest downfall. I can eat a brick of cheese in one sitting. I like nachos. I like Pizza. I need real cheese on my pizza.  Daiya was the most okayish version of cheese that I found.  Vegans, what are your favorite non cheeses?

Those are the main reasons I fail at being a vegan. For now I can just stick being mainly vegetarian besides trying bites of the food I make for my family and devouring steak burritos occasionally.

Seriously though, being vegan is a life long goal and lifestyle that I will accomplish one day.  Starting tomorrow, I will try again for the 567th time.

Please feel free to share any tips and advice for going vegan.

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  1. You have failed at being due to a lack of will power, if you truly want something for good reasons chocolate chip cookie dough and a cheeto shouldn’t get in your way.

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