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Why the tooth fairy stopped coming…

The tooth fairy is tired. The tooth fairy is broke. So the tooth fairy just decided to stop coming.

I told my kids the tooth fairy no longer comes after 8 teeth. By 8 teeth you’re usually old enough to know the real deal and are basically just scamming for money at that point.  I mean, why should you get money for a  biological process that happens to everyone. I guess I can see the excitement of the first lost tooth but every one after that is ridiculous. We might as well give them money every month they get their period too.

Our tooth fairy flat out sucks and it turns out the rate she pays is lower than than everyone else. Some of these kids were getting $20’s or even more!! My kids get a dollar and they usually got it a few days later. Sometimes they got a $5 if times were hard and the fairy was tired and over 3 days late. The fairy is always tired. Most days she came when they were at school.

Here’s a list of a few reasons the tooth fairy didn’t come.

  • She didn’t come because she’s now requesting you to put the tooth on the dresser, not under the pillow. (Makes it so much easier) Or you can get one of these cute tooth pillows.


  • She didn’t come because your room was messy.


  • She didn’t come because she heard the baby crying.


  • She didn’t come because someone in the house was up when she came so she had to leave. Actually, I think I might’ve seen her.


  • She didn’t come because she got super busy.


  • Check again, I think she might’ve came while you were busy eating breakfast.
  • She came but realized she forgot her cash because times have changed and she’s so used to using credit or debit.

Anyways, the list goes on. I have 4 kids.  That’s my excuse for everything.  Bottom line is, the tooth fairy has an 8 tooth limit. It should become a national tooth fairy rule.  On the 8th tooth, she should go find the elf on the shelf and they can disappear together.

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